Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's been too long !

With Facebook I have been neglecting our blog- it is time for updates !
Harrison- has completed his last Cross Country season. He is in his senior year and has applied for college.
Madeline- is a freshman and just competed her first Cross Country season.

Hayden- is in 7th grade. He loves his school and the computer.

Elijah- Eli had surgery in August- unfortunately he needs another surgery this week. We hope the 4th time is a charm. He is a trooper and amazes us with how well he has adjusted these past two years.

Keaton- continues to enjoy school. He is in his second Boston Brace. We have started Chiropractic care- he was having some back pain and figured that it can't hurt.

Mia-Faith is getting every type of speech and language services one can get. I am debating taking her to be screened at Children's Hospital I suspect she has a long term issue and possibly a learning disability. We will see.

Another huge highlight was hosting a German student- Nicola. She was absolutely delightful and will always be our "seventh" child. Harrison will be heading to Germany April 1st to visit her.

Harrison, Madeline and Nicola -

That's all for now- I promise to get back to updating regularly !

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sunday, May 08, 2011


We decided to sponsor a child when we got a little money back from our taxes. Isn't she a beauty. I follow the site and blog of Amazima Ministries. We recently got a letter and can not wait to write her back. I figure even if we can not adopt again we can still reach out and help those in need.

We are back !

We apologize for the lack of blogging and promise to provide more frequent updates.

Lets start with Harrison. Harrison recently got his drivers license. Woo-Hoo !
This weekend was Prom. 22 more days of school and he will be a Senior ! We started talking about colleges which seems ridiculous.

Madeline was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. She rocked at Forensics this year , taking 1-2-3rd all season and then took 4th at the state competition.

Hayden recently attended 6th grade camp. He absolutely LOVED it. Hayden was lucky that his camp counselor ended up being his cousin Brandon. It was 3 days of geography, science, running around in the rain and good food. (Those are Hayden's take-aways.)

Elijah continues to do well in school. He will be having a revision surgery this summer. Which he is not looking forward to... but we are very thankful we are so close to Children's Hospital.

Keaton is sporting his second Boston Brace for his Juvenile Scoliosis. The first one lasted 18 months. He is such a trooper. He goes with the flow- a couple kids made fun of him when he got his new brace- he promptly told the teacher who dealt with the situation. Hoping for another 18months of wear and no curve progression. We attended CHOW Scoliosis support group. It was really interesting. Keaton was the youngest boy in attendance. At his last appointment we consented to allowing Children's to use his DNA for research. I am thinking that 3/4 kids having scoliosis has to be rare.

Mia-Faith is doing well. She loves school. She is still a peanut. Her speech is progressing and we just renewed her IEP. She has come a long way but still has issues with word finding, sentence structure and articulation. Never got a call from a teacher until Mia hit kindergarten. She is a follower and so eager to please...