Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's been too long !

With Facebook I have been neglecting our blog- it is time for updates !
Harrison- has completed his last Cross Country season. He is in his senior year and has applied for college.
Madeline- is a freshman and just competed her first Cross Country season.

Hayden- is in 7th grade. He loves his school and the computer.

Elijah- Eli had surgery in August- unfortunately he needs another surgery this week. We hope the 4th time is a charm. He is a trooper and amazes us with how well he has adjusted these past two years.

Keaton- continues to enjoy school. He is in his second Boston Brace. We have started Chiropractic care- he was having some back pain and figured that it can't hurt.

Mia-Faith is getting every type of speech and language services one can get. I am debating taking her to be screened at Children's Hospital I suspect she has a long term issue and possibly a learning disability. We will see.

Another huge highlight was hosting a German student- Nicola. She was absolutely delightful and will always be our "seventh" child. Harrison will be heading to Germany April 1st to visit her.

Harrison, Madeline and Nicola -

That's all for now- I promise to get back to updating regularly !

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