Saturday, May 06, 2006

Crunch time....

We decided that this week we are going to start busting -our -buns to get this addition project completed. I REALLY don't want to be rushing to get this done before we travel to go and get Mia-Faith. I hate doing things last minute. I want to get it done and get the kids rooms rearranged and everything neat and tidy. Here are some updated pictures. We have walls and hopefully it will be sprayed this week. That is when our real work begins again. We are going to tile around the tub and the floors in both bathrooms. Dave and I have never tiled before so it should be an interesting adventure.


jaclyn marble said...


I tiled our bathroom myself, it actually was pretty easy!

Have fun.


yvonne grigsby said...

Shelly our little grandaughter
is from the same orphanage.
We got her in August of 2005.
Congratulations! Sophie is doing
great and seemed to be very well
taken care of , hope this will
give you some peace of mind.

Mom-of-5 said...

That is GREAT to hear about Sophie! What a great thing to read this morning.