Monday, June 12, 2006


I have been working on gathering things for Mia. I have repacked her clothes choosing to take 18-24 month sizes. I am taking the cutest 2T undies and a few diapers. I bought Mia her first pair of shoes. They are so cute-they are ROBEEZ. One of the boards I belong to mentioned them- then a few people also talked about them. I plan on buying a lot of shoes in China, including squeaky shoes. I am also taking two bottles and sippy cups. I bought a few new toys and a family sent me some stacking cups.
I am also gathering enough medication to furnish a small pharmacy. It's hard to anticipate everything that I may need. It is also difficult because I have to be very careful on the weight of our luggage. I have had great suggestions from families who have traveled. Things I never would have thought of like:a tupperware container, duct tape, clothes pins, dawn dish-washing wipes, swimmers, small bowl, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, plastic silverware....
I also ordered my "new", "crisp" money that I must take with me to China.

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