Friday, June 30, 2006

no flight no luggage no sleep no problem

  • Shelly made it to Shanghai China all safe and sound. She is unable to post at this time but she should be able to tomorrow(sat.) I will try my best to blog for her but I'm pretty new at this. By the way I'm Dave, Shelly's husband. Shelly's flight from Milwaukee to Chicago was cancelled Thursday night. I would like to say she handled it well but that would be a lie. After all the plannng and packing and all of the stress this was an understandable reaction. Lucky she called ahead to check and was able to schedule another flight but it was for two hours later. The next morning Shelly and Brenda decided to skip the flight and take the shuttle to Chicago for fear that thier flight would be delayed and they would miss their plane to China. It worked out well as they arrived at about the same time their flight would have-good idea Brenda it sure pays to have an experienced travel partner. They arrived in Shanghai at about 9PM their time ,8Am our time. The flight was long and they didn't sleep at all but at least they made it, I wish I could say the same for their luggage. Their guide is trying to track it down and I hope he is able to because Shelly doesn't need any more reason to shop.
    Even though everything hasn't quite gone as planned Shelly is a trooper and she knows it'll all be worth it in the end. It is already morning there and they're getting ready to fly to Beijing. As far as the kids, they are all fine and accounted for although they already miss Mom. I'm doing well Shelly has been gone one day and I still have a hot dog in the fridge. THANK GOD FOR BURGER KING. I would also like to thank everybody for your support and prayers.

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jaclyn marble said...


For your first time, you did great. Thanks for the update on Shelly and Brenda. If you need any help let me know!

-jackie and jim marble