Monday, June 19, 2006


As soon as the kids get up we are going strawberry picking. Last year Keaton and Hayden ate more than they picked. I made lists of things for Dave and the kids to do while I am gone. I don't doubt that most of the chores will be done right before I return. 2 days ago Hayden told me that he needed some "alone time" with me. He is really sad about me leaving for 2 weeks. I did not think that he would be so sad. Well "alone time" sounds like a great idea so each of them was given a day to plan an activity with only mom. Hayden has decided that on Wednesday our "alone time" activity will be going bowling.
I can not believe that it's really getting down to the wire with traveling to get Mia. I feel really emotional -just like I would get when I was pregnant. I find myself teary- eyed at the littlest things. I think it is the anticipation of the next few weeks to come. I pray for Mia-Faith. I can not fathom her riding a bus for > 4 hours, leaving the orphanage (which is the only place she has ever known) and being handed to a complete stranger. I have to remind myself that she is destined to be part of our Waala clan. God has guided us this far. I pray he continues to watch over her and helps her with this transition.

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