Sunday, July 16, 2006


Yesterday was Harrison's birthday. He took a few buddies to see Superman. We were surprised to see a birthday wish from Uncle Mike, Aunt Jill and her crew in China. Macie looks adorable.

Mia had a rough day yesterday (her sinuses were draining like crazy and I wondered if she had an ear infection....) but woke up today a pleasure. She allows the kids to do more and more things with her. Today I was so thankful I bought squeaky shoes because she really spent time exploring the house walking from room to room. She laughs and smiles at all the kids and gives them "five". She is warming up to Dave. She still turns away if Dave looks at her too long but we know this will change. Dave assures me her will win her over soon and she will be a daddy's girl like Madeline.

I have noticed that Mia has definite behavior/actions that make me question what kind of a routine they had at the orphanage. For 21 months old she seems to be so helpful with dressing, her shoes and loves to sit in either the high-chair or stroller. I have to coax her to walk and not sit around. She tend to think that she needs to always have shoes on and if I take them off that means she is going to bed. With dressing she always turns around and has a very systematic routine with putting on and taking off her clothes. Lying flat on her back is not normal to her. All diaper changes are done standing. She continues to amaze our family.

My camera needs to be sent in for a replacement since it shorted out in Beijing. I will borrow Grandma's and Grandpa's so I can post some pictures this week. You will definitely get to see a true smile from Miss Mia-Faith soon.

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