Friday, August 25, 2006

Goofballs !

Last night was a great moment. I always pictured all the kids and Dave wrestling around (Mia included) as a fantasy thought while waiting for our referral-as though this would signify that she was comfortable in our home. Last night Mia was part of the "wrestling" mix. She let Dave pick her up, swing her around and would lay across his chest. She gets right in there and tries to hold her own with the bunch. Mia continues to do some babbling. She sleeps great and naps consistently. Our new issue is biting. She has taken to biting poor Keaton when she doesn't get her way. This is terribly upsetting to Keaton. I hope she understands soon that biting is not alright. We returned to the doctor yesterday and Mia is up to 19.1 lb-better that the 16 lbs she weighed in China. The way she eats she should have gained 10 lbs !

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