Monday, November 27, 2006

Amazing !!

There is a family in China right now that had the opportunity to visit Mia-Faith's orphanage. A while back families that adopted from Zhangzhou sent photo pages that the Strand family delivered to the orphanage director. On top of being so gracious and delivering the album -the Strands also took pictures and video. This picture is the orphanage director and some of Mia-Faith's caretakers looking at her photo page. If you visit the Strands site you can also view where Mia-Faith spent her life until we were blessed to be able to bring her home. I find it very sad.


Dawn and Dale said...

WOW!! Can you imagine what those nannies and orphange people must feel like seeing these babies!!

I haven't gone to look at the other web site but I will!

Anonymous said...

I just watched the Strand's video. It reminded me of Kazakhstan when we adopted our middle two children. So incredibly sad isn't it. My arms ache to hold those children. When you think they just need parents to love them. I noticed the one on the floor rocking. My son who is 10 still does this occasionally. He was adopted at 3 1/2. It is a soothing technique. So.. so.. sad I just want to love and take them all home don't you.