Tuesday, March 13, 2007

54 degrees

What do you do when it is 54 degrees ? Get out of the house ! It's suppose to be about 60 degrees today. The kids can't wait to get home and jump on the trampoline...we really need to get an enclosure this year. Last fall Mia wanted to jump but I would have heart failure every time she got on it.


tracy said...

I can't imagine containing my kids to the indoors during those long cold winter days. Glad you can get outside and play!

David said...

It's been warm here, too...but it's also not been as cold as you all have been!

Also...I'm hardly thinking we're going to be celebrities...but thanks for kind words!

Mom to six! said...

What do you do when it's 54 degrees? Well, we Floridians bundle up and get under the covers and sip hot chocolate. :)

Your kids (as always) are just beautiful!! I'm glad they were able to get out.