Saturday, March 03, 2007

Family FotoFun Friday Challenge #21

This week's photo challenge from Double Happiness has a twist. We now have to list 10 things we don't like about using our letter from last week.

1. Hell-enough said. Don't want to go there.

2. Hooligans-can't stand unruly folks.

3. Hives-yep the kids have some serious allergies that can get kind of scary.

4. Heart disease-I see too many sad families lose loved ones in my line of work.

5. Hippocrates-people who say one thing and do another.

6. Headaches-I don't get them but those that do say it deserves to be on the list.

7. Honey-do list. This is Dave's suggestion for hate BUT it would be on my love list.

8. Bad Hair days-

9. High taxes-

10. Hate- because life is such a gift.

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Fee said...

Hi there
This is my first visit,I random blogged you through CWO. I really enjoyed the family fun photos!I would like to add you as a friend so that I may visit again!