Thursday, March 08, 2007

Where oh where is my camera?

I am going crazy trying to find our camera. I remember taking pictures and having it on the counter. I remember bringing home 125 boxes of Girl Scout cookies and starting to organize them. I also remember Mia grabbing the camera.....I suspect that she tucked it somewhere or I grabbed it and put it somewhere "safe"....either way I can not find it. I think that I am going to offer a reward for the kid who finds it. I usually reward the kids with a hug or a kiss but I might have to up the anty and offer old cash. Who is the Saint you pray to for lost things?


-m- said...

Oh no!! I hate when that happens (and believe me, I keep misplacing important things all the time!)! Actually, now that little jasmine is sleeping and I won't be using my camera, I better go charge the batteries on it :)

Dawn and Dale said...

Our camera is on the hoops right now too and I'm going through major withdrawels too!!

Hope you find yours soon!!!

Mom to six! said...

Oh my goodness! I think I'd be losing it. Not sure about the saint you pray to for lost things, but I can tell you that I would nominate the kid that found it as a saint. :)

Find it soon! I love your pictures.

Kristie said...

Arghh!!! I was missing my running watch for nearly a year, and as I was scolding Brett for taking all of the dog toys out of the dog toy box, there it was, at the bottom. And I think I stopped looking only a couple weeks ago. Funny how stuff eventually turns up. Hope it doesn't take that long for your camera!