Wednesday, April 18, 2007

An amazing event for Madeline !

Madeline was invited by her friend to attend the United States Air Force Band of Mid-America.

When the girls were taking their seat they were approached by Captain Donald Schofield. He told the girls that they were going to have one song conducted by a youngster. When asked, Madeline said she would do it.

For those of you who really know Madeline she is a shy gal. We are so surprised she said yes. Madeline told us how she was called to the stage, taught how to conduct the band and how to properly bow. She said she had quite the conversation on stage with Captain Schofield. Madeline said the audience laughed at the conversation and clapped at her conducting performance. This all took place in front of 2300 people !!


I sent an e-mail to Captain Schofield this morning to express our excitment.


Captain Schofield-
Last night our daughter returned home from attending the United States Air
Force Band of Mid America event . Madeline was so excited. She glowed as she
spoke of how she was able to conduct the group in front of 2300 people. She
recounted every moment, demonstrated every action and was bursting with pride in
her accomplishments. We were up until midnight going over and over the nights
events. We wish we could have seen her performance. (She was there with a
We wanted to take the time to thank you for giving Madeline the opportunity to
do this. Madeline is a great girl who is rather shy. We were shocked she said
yes- doing this has energized her, filled her with confidence and made her
realize she can do new things and have a blast while doing them.
We are a very proud of her. We are also very proud of those who serve our
country. Please pass this on to all the band members that we can not fully
express what a difference this made in one little girls life. To those band
members that smiled at her and gave her the strength and reassurance to do what
she did we applaud them.
We also want to thank you-your guidance and patience helped Madeline to do
something absolutely remarkable.

David and Shelly Waala
plus our kids: Harrison, Madeline, Hayden, Keaton and Mia-Faith

PS. Thanks to the band member that took the picture and for the gifts. Madeline
is going to make a shadow box to proudly display them in her room. Today she
took them all to school where I am sure she will be sharing her wonderful story.


Ryan and Heather said...

What a wonderful experience, something she'll remember forever.

Robin said...

How cool is that !!! Something she will never forget I'm sure!

Kristy said...

What an honor for your daughter!!
Thanks for dropping by my site ~ your family is beautiful!

Blessings ~

cheepette8 said...

That is so cool! I'm sure she will never forget that.

Valeri said...

How awesome of an experience!!! Very cool!

Jill W said...

Way to go, Madeline! What a cool thing to be able to do!

Lots of love from,
Grant, Evan & Macie

Mommy Spice said...

That's awesome!! What a cool experience.

Laura said...

I'm sooo impressed! I've got a music degree and have been a school choir director but I never got over the "butterflies" that came with directing in concerts. May Madeline have the continued blessing of confidence in who the Lord has made her to be and all He can equip her to do!

Laura K.

Mom-of-5 said...

Thank you for all the great comments. I shared them with Madeline.

Don and Be said...

I've directed choirs and small ensembles, sang in opera with major soloists, sang with The Voices of Liberty at Walt Disney World for several years but I've NEVER had the thrill of conducting a major orchestra in my 30 year career in music! What a hoot!
Now I have something to aim for - I'd better do it quick - I could pass away at any time now. Congratulations Madeline!

Fifi said...

Well Done Madeline...... She looks so confident up there! And what a lovely keepsake that is to remember the event by!!!!

Lisa said...

Wow, what an incredible experience. She rose to the challenge. Amazing how our little people can continue to grow and change sometimes in an instant. Lovely story. Good for her!!

redmaryjanes said...

That is absolutely incredible! Good for Madeline!

Mary said...

My husband passed this on to me, as he actually plays saxophone in the very same band she conducted! :) I have always known it, but it's been a blessing for him to know that what he does makes a difference! THANK YOU for such a wonderful letter and for helping to remind him why he does this in the first place!

Mom-of-5 said...

Mary-THANK YOU. I hope you check back as your bio didn't have a way to respond. We were excited to see your comment as we did not know if our e-mail reached anyone.

Justin said...

That's very very cool. Wonderful oppurtunity for your daughter!

Mary said...

We have a blog too -- and you're welcome to check that out. Your family is beautiful! :)