Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Trip to USCIS

I was pretty proud of myself this morning. I managed to gather and complete all of the documents to apply for Mia-Faith's Citizenship papers. After making sure all my t's were crossed and i's were dotted I arranged the papers in neat piles and loaded the kids in the car. I printed out 2 sets of directions (there is a lot of construction here) and went on my way. After getting lost I finally found the USCIS office, circled the block till a spot opened up and pumped the meter full of quarters before heading in.....

When I entered the building the security guy asked me what I was there for. I told him to apply for Citizenship. He told me Citizenship papers are mailed in. I told him that it says to apply in person. That is when he told me, "Not today.....you need an appointment", "you won't get any further without one ", "if you have a questions you can go on-line to apply of an I-ticket then you can talk to someone" and "it's like the doctor's office you can't just walk in..."
I re-read the form it doesn't say I needed an appointment. How was I to know this ?

I never got a straight answer on how I actually get an appointment. I don't want to get an I-ticket to ask how to get an appointment !

I would think it would make a person would feel bad to reduce a 39 year old woman to tears. No apology, no solid advice, no direction-just "no way you are getting in....."


Fifi said...

I feel your frustration!..... that would spin me over the edge!
Sorry to hear the tears didn't help!

Valeri said...

How awful! I hate when people are downright rude like that.