Sunday, June 03, 2007

Can you see him ??

This dot is Steven Curtis Chapman. For those of you that don't know SCC or his music, has six kids and three of them are adopted from China. He talked about his adoption during the concert and about how he is leaving for Asia next week for an entire month. He is going to promote adoption, visit orphanages and pass on the blessings of his foundation Shoahannah's Hope. It was a wonderful day. We heard a lot of great music !!
If you look closely at the picture the young man next to SCC (on his right) is his 19 year old son and the kid playing the drums is his 16 year old son. They are really talented guys.

This was Mia-Faiths favorite spot !!


Beckyb said...

We are in process of applying for his grant RIGHT NOW!!! We applied our first time and were turned down, but we can always try again!!

asiangarden said...

I grew up listening to him on Christian radio.

Steffie B. said...

We love his music too! What a fun night for all of you!

redmaryjanes said...

I love SCC. He is wonderful!

Wendy said...

Thanks so much for posting a comment on our blog Adoption & Fire. Your words were so encouraging and meant so much. It really is a struggle to go through this wait but having people like you send words of wisdom means so much!

And I LOVE SCC's music!!!!

Shelly said...

my kids love his song, "I am tarzan, you are jane..." and he was definitely an influence on our decision to adopt the first time. His wife said she looked at Shaoey after they had her and said, "what if we had missed this?"


The Elliott Family said...

What an awesome time! I am so glad that our children have the opportunity to listen to such great Christian music these days. And with different stations to choose from and the freedom to see them live.

Thanks for your continued supportive comments...they mean a lot!


Fifi said...

Hubby and I love SCC. Infact his song "I will be there" was song to us at our wedding many years ago!! We got to see him in concert in S.Africa about 10 years ago! I do wish he would return.
That's a great thing he is doing ..... promoting the adoption of those precious kids. We have so many orphaned young kids in S.A.- but the laws are rediculously strict and overseas people battle to adopt any of these desperate kids!

Don and Be said...

SCC's ministry was instrumental in our adoption decision. I clicked on the picture and it enlarges quite a bit.