Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hello all !

Just a quick update-

We continue to be busy with just the daily activities and school. Mia-Faiths's dental appointment last week was a little depressing. She needs a fair amount of dental work done. She has a great smile but came to us with dental issues. We have been watching things but the the suggestion now has been made to knock her out and do it all at one time....well the hospital our dentist uses is NOT covered by our insurance. We are working on plan B otherwise we will have to find another dentist AND now Harrison needs braces after the first of the year. EEKK!
Mia also developed a cold that lead to both ears being infected. She then developed hives. We are not sure if it was a virus or the antibiotics. She had the pressure checked in her ears and her right ear is all goofed up. We are heading back in 2 weeks for a recheck.
Aside from these small things -everything and everybody else is good.


i-Con said...

All the best with Mia's dental procedures.

I so hope she is feeling better soon :0)

Eileen said...

It sounds so much like Lindsey! At her 3 year checkup, first time at the dentist, they found 6 cavities. Filled 2 in the office then she would have no more of that. One got infected and had to be pulled so we had everything done at the hospital. She now has 2 crowns, about 7 fillings, and a bridge. And she's 4! Everything went really well with the procedure though. AND, it wasn't supposed to be covered by our insurance either but somehow they paid it. So pray! Lindsey has had a few bouts with hives also.

Then there's Allison and her major speech delays. Seems our kiddos have some things in common. :-)

So anyway, sorry to hear about Mia-Faith's dental troubles. I'm not a stranger to them either now that I think about it. :-)

Are we going to meet someday soon?

Ron said...

Sorry to hear about Mia's ear aches. They are no day at the beach.

As for the braces, I wish Harrison well. That was the worst 2 1/2 years of my life.

asiangarden said...

Oh boy! I am sorry you are not covered! That has to be hard! We have had our fair share of dental problems in our family, thank goodness they were covered for us! I don't know what I would have done!
I hope Mia feels better soon! Poor baby!

LaLa said...

Oh, I hope you are able to work out Mia's dental stuff. I hope her ears feel better soon too : )

Sara said...

Just a thought....does your insurance cover Children's Hospital?? If so, their dentists (all of them) in the dental clinic (in the clinics building) are all awesome. Then she could have her dental work and get the care of Children's. I'm sure you checked this out already.....Hope her little ears feel better soon.(Dr. Kidder at Children's is an awesome ENT) VERY nice Halloween pictures. Love the pumpkins!!