Sunday, January 20, 2008

Go Pack Go !!

Dave is at the game !
I am enjoying it with the kids at home.
Come on Pack !!


Ron said...

With the temperature at -4, I would not be there.

I can't believe the Pack lost.

Mom To Six said...

I commend your hubby for sticking it out in that kind of weather. Sorry for the loss. It was a good game! We would have loved to beat the Packers in the Superbowl.

GO PATRIOTS!!!! 18-0



Eileen said...

Sigh. That was horrible. Mourning in Packerland this morning.

I do hope the Giants crush the Patriots in the Super Bowl. (Sorry mom to six, I am sick to death of the Patriots!)

Valeri said...

Sorry about the Packers. Your hubby is one devoted fan to brave that kind of weather!!! brrrrrr!