Sunday, February 03, 2008

Yi vs Yuo

Santa brought us tickets to the Bucks/Rockets game. It was a great time. We went with Mike, Jill, Grant, Evan and Macie. We were able to enter the stadium early and watch warm-ups. The Bucks did a great job honoring Chinese New Year...too bad the Bucks lost.

Ear update-all is good. We had Mia-Faith's post op check. She seems to be talking more at home. She is making more noise. The words don't sound phonetically correct but sound coming out of her mouth. Mia enjoys her Early Chilhood speech class so we are doing what we can. She has also started Chinese class...she really did not like the first few classes but now goes without a fuss. The class includes singing, dancing and art. We were hoping it would help with communication but doesn't seem to make a difference.


Eileen said...

Oh wow! Cool! We watched part of the game on TV. The Bucks sure are having a rough season.

I just emailed you. :-)

asiangarden said...

I wish we had Chinese class around here! Wow, Yao Ming is so much taller....hmmmm

asiangarden said...

Oh "Gong Xi fa Cai!"

Ron said...

Great to hear about Mia's progress! I've been to many sporting events, but never saw an NBA game.