Sunday, June 01, 2008

Lake Michigan

Mia-Faith and Keaton sharing the ear-pieces to Madeline's CD player and together listening to Steven Curtis Chapman's tunes.

Every year for Easter we get a state park sticker from Grandma Sue and Grandpa Russ. Today it was about 65 degrees and sunny. It was beautiful today. We spent 3 hours on the beach and are now sporting a little sunburn to boot ! The kids built sandcastles, looked for treasures, and even went in the 40 degree water to swim. I love this time of year !


Mom To Six said...

Wow! Sounds like a great time! I can't believe how big Mia-Faith is getting. Soooooo cute!

I had to laugh when I read that you went into the water. Holy Moses! We're in Florida and I'm waiting till mid June to hit the beach because it's still waaaay too cold for my liking...heh!



Mardi said...

ooohh,I'm from Michigan and you are making me really miss home! ;) Looks like a fun time! :)

Jana said...

I'm CRAVING a beach vacation!! But we've opted to try to save some money this year and we'll be spending a week boating at one of our state parks. It will be fun, but just no as MUCH fun!! Have a wonderful time, and thanks for the thank you note -- how sweet was that?!?

Ron said...

Awesome pics of the kids! You have a very nice family. Lake Michigan is very nice, I've seen it from Chicago.

Don't laugh, who is Steven Curtis Chapman? I never heard of him.

redmaryjanes said...

Hmm...we live close to Lake Michigan too!

Sara said...

OK...I updated just for you!!! :-) 13 updates to be exact..hee hee. Yes, I know it was time....I love the Lake Michigan pictures...What wonderful times!!!

Fifi said...

I love visiting your blog.... I always come away feeling uplifted! Thank you!
Your kids always seem to be filled with joy!
Great action pic of Mia-Faith.

Valeri said...

Love the pictures!!!!!!!!