Sunday, June 08, 2008

We are excited we received our appointments for fingerprinting ! Our date is June 19th. Has anyone in Wisconsin tried to go before their scheduled date ? I read on a Yahoo group that it can be done. Is that true?
Mia-Faith's IEP was this past Wednesday. She did not meet her goal. The goal was that she would speak using 2 words together. We also had a long discussion about her phonetic language. The few words she says don't sound clear at all. I understand some of her words but other people don't. We have decided to increase her 1:1 speech therapy and move her up to the Early Childhood 4 year old group in fall. I hope that being around slightly older kids speaking will help. She is still very quiet outside of our home or when spoken to by other adults. She was tested and her receptive is at age level. Her expressive is obviously very delayed. We will just keep working at it.


Chelley said...

How exciting that things are moving along!!!! Steps closer!!

It sounds like you are doing everthing you can for Mia-Faith! What a great momma you are for making sure she gets all the services that she needs!

D said...

I don't know about Wisconsin, but both times we've been fingerprinted in Texas we went the day after we got the much as ten days early, and they never said a word...either time.

You can always go for it and then just play dumb if they give you trouble...

DO IT! What's the worst? Oh, sorry...we'll come back. What's the best? You have ten days!!!

redmaryjanes said...

We just showed up when they told us to for the fingerprints. We've had them done twice now.

I don't know if you can go earlier or not. If it's not far away, I'd try.

I am working to put together a list of adoption books for parents and children for the new blog No Place Like Home.
Do you have any you would recommend?

Eileen said...

This was in 2005, but we went ahead of our scheduled date by about 2 weeks. They didn't balk at that at all, BUT, they processed us as though we had come on our scheduled date. Friends of ours who went after us, although their appt was a few days before ours, got their 171 before we did. When my HS agency checked into it, the USCIS (are they still called that?) confirmed that it was because we went early. I hope that made sense!

I'm still willing to talk anytime about our daughters' speech. :-)

Ron said...

In PA, they don't give you an appointment. They just issue a time frame to get the prints done so we can go at our convenience.

Good luck!

Fifi said...

I received your letter yesterday!!!! What a wonderful surprise....... Thank You!

Valeri said...

We have Jensen's IEP next month for his speech therapy. I know exactly what you're going through regarding Mia Faith's speech patterns.

Shawnstribe said...

I hope everythinggoes ok and that you get all the help you need .
Mia -Faith is soooo gorgeous