Saturday, October 25, 2008

Care package and letter !

When we got our PA (Preapproval) from China we sent Eli a care package. Shortly after we sent it we found out the cameras we sent were not delivered because of the Olympics. I was debating sending another when an old friend posted that she had sent a care package to her son for his birthday.
I checked The Red Thread out and ended up ordering a care package for Elijah. I got the basic package, a sweat suit, 1 extra camera, a toy, bag and tea for his foster family. The best part of the package is that the owner will translate a letter.
It was an emotional letter to write. I tried to keep it simple and give some basic facts about our family. It just gets me thinking and wondering about what Eli has been told and how he is reacting to all of this....
I updated this post 10-31-08 with a picture that Ann sent us!


Sara said...

So Sweet!! We kept our letter simple too...but it was so emotional to much to think about. We had sent him a letter after we were granted PA. We also wrote a letter to his foster family....They sound like a wonderful couple.

Don and Be said...

We did the care pkg as well and to get back the pictures of our little girl in her orphanage was priceless. We were fortunate to have them returned - other items (blanket, stuffed dog and lovey) are but a memory as they became communal property at her orphanage, Eli will receive his gifts as he is in foster care.

Karen said...

That's so exciting! I remember I felt so emotional with each of the packages we sent.

Fifi said...

Hi Shelly
Thinking of you guys often!

I see you've pimped your blog..... looking very pretty!!!

Love Fifi

the voice of melody said...

I just stumbled upon your blog today and what a cute blog you have! But, more importantly, I enjoyed reading your adoption stories and wish you and your family the best. Your writings shine God's love. :)

Many sweet blessings!