Saturday, November 22, 2008

LOA - not yet !

I am very anxious waiting for our LOA (letter of acceptance). I see that another family got their LOA yesterday. The have a LID of August 12th-2008. Our LID is September 9th-2008. I have heard that the SN (special needs) process is not always as predictable as the NSN (non special needs) route. I am hoping for good news soon.

I am looking for some advice. Our "big" family gift this year is going to be a good camera. I would like to purchase a digital one that takes clearer pictures (our camera had a delay an most pictures are blurry) and has better zoom. Some of the blogs that I follow have such wonderful pictures ...any advice folks (Ron)?
I also wonder where to buy it. I am hoping that black Friday sales will be good or maybe there is a site that will have good internet deals ...


Mom To Six said...


I got for my birthday a Cannon Xti and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I know of a few bloggers that use it and there pictures are amazing. I'm still working on perfecting mine.

C'mon LOA!!! This stinks!!!



KJS said...

I don't have any suggestions for camera's but wanted to say your family is beautiful. I hope you get your LOA soon!

The Federation of Fire Chaplains said...

Hopefully the LOA will come soon! Crossing my fingers for you!!

As far as cameras, if you want a good point and shoot, I highly recommend the Canon S5IS. It has SLR like capabilities but the easy and size of a point and shoot.

If you want a digital SLR, then the Canon Rebel XS or XSI is a perfect starter camera! I think I will be getting the XSI this year for Christmas!

Wendy @ Adoption & Fire

Ron said...

Since you ask, I recommend the Canon XSI DSLR. I have a Canon XT and it's one step down from the XSI. You can't go wrong with Canon. I will never use anything else. The pictures will be amazing from it.

Can't wait to follow your journey back to China.

Chelley said...




LOL well there isnt much more else to say

I am praying and hoping that you will have your LOA VERY VERY soon!

Jenn said...

Hi Shelly,

I've been hunting high and low for a good camera too and we're going with the Canon Xsi. I found a kit on ebay with 4 lenses and all kinds of tripods and doo dads (can you tell I'm a pro?) for about $750

Here's hoping that LOA will show up soon!


PIPO said...

Hoping you get good word VERY soon!

strandfam said...

I am so happy for your family, that you will soon be meeting your newest son. I hope your LOA comes very soon. I look forward to following your trip to China. You have a beautiful family!

God Bless You
Sarah Strand

Pam said...

I hope you hear something real soon. I will say that it was crazier for us with Ethan's adoption. I thought that Special Needs would be easier but not really. I pray yours is better.

Oh, advise, if you go by yourselves with no other families make sure you get in the taxi line at the airport. Don't go with anyone that comes up to you asking if you need a taxi.