Saturday, November 29, 2008

Need motivation ?

Well I have been motivated to start running. It started out with the fact that I work with some amazing runners, then Harrison started running, I packed on a few pounds, realized that I am going to have to venture around the world in a few months and will have a 6th child. EEKK !
Seriously I used to run in high school and always enjoyed it. Yes ...that was many years ago but I want to get to that "need" to run place again. I started out by walking, added the treadmill and today I ventured outside for a run. Besides the fact that my heart almost exploded and my lungs felt like they were going to collapse- it felt great ! I am following a couch to 5k program. For those that know me well I am the master of lists and goals. I think having a program will help if I can cross off the weeks. What else will motivate about signing up for a 5K race. Yep.
Dave, Harrison and I will be in the New Years Eve Chilly/Chili 5k race. That should do it.


Ron said...

Way to go, sounds fun. I could join the couch/1/2k program:)

Don and Be said...

Go, Shelly!

Eileen said...

Go go go! I plan to do the Couch to 5K thing, in the spring. :-) If I like running, my next goal would be to run a 1/2 marathon. We'll see.... I do LOVE to walk but am not sure about running; I am excited to try it though!

The Morgan Family said...

Shelly, I was noticing that not only do we have daughters from the same province (our DD is from Fujian as well), but we are also awaiting our LOA w/ a Sept LID. Sounds like we're on similar paths...Hope to meet you sometime!

Chris and Scott Morgan