Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Hayden !!

Our Hayden turns 10 today. He is a very unique little boy. He has some challenges but works really hard. He is a bright kid and has some special obsessions. One is geography. If you would -please leave your location. Hayden loves to spend time looking at maps and finding new places. We did this one other time and he absolutely loved it.


Chelley said...

Happy Birthday Hayden I hope you have a wonderful time!!!

I wonder if you will be able to find where I live!

Broken Hill
New South Wales

Good Luck!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Hayden!! This will be too easy for you I'm sure...but Fond du Lac, WI it is :-)

How about finding where we just went to bring home our new little boy? Nanjing China, Jiangsu Province. We then traveled to Guangzhou China..then Beijing :-)

Have a wonderful birthday and stay warm!!

Don and Be said...

Happy Birthday from Orlando, Florida! Is the Magic Kingdom on your map, Hayden?

Jerelene said...

What a cute little boy! I hope he had a wonderful birthday!! I live in Boonville, Indiana:-)