Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 6 Guangzhou-What a day !

Walking out of the hotel

Lego's on the plane

Best meal since in China - I am sure I freaked out our guide when I screamed , "Madeline there is a Subway !" This is after eating the same buffet for 6 days !

Showing his cousins his bow and arrow

Watching the coy fish at The White Swan

Waterfall in the White Swan Hotel

Kids on the Red Couch

We were so excited to pack up this morning. I was really anxious about Eli's reaction to leaving and to the flight but I can proudly say that things went well. Eli did look a little sad as we left the hotel but Mr Li explained to him what was going to happen. Eli said he felt sick before the plane took off. I think he was just really nervous. The flight went well. When we arrived we hopped on a van to the Victory Hotel-West. This place is like a palace compared to our hotel in Wuhan. It is beautiful.

We ran right away to Paula, Jordan and Andrew's room. It was wonderful seeing them and it is great having them here. The kids bonded instantly. I marvel at how easily they communicate when all Eli knows is Mandarin-Chinese. They certainly enjoyed all the play time. The kids had a blast together. Eli keeps pointing to their room-"play". I keep saying "tomorrow".
We walked around Shamian Island. We stopped by The White Swan Hotel. The kids played in the park. They draw quite a crowd. Paula's blond hair -blued eyed boys appear to be fascinating to folks here. I told Andrew that he is a movie star. The Chinese people like to snap pictures of him and with him.
We are turning in for the night.
We are so happy to be here and to be one step closer to getting home.


Mia's MaMa said...

we're @ the ws, room 1029 til wednesday morning!!!

Ron said...

Great news, I am happy to know you made it there without incident. Subway rocks!!! I could live in that place. Don't forget to say "Hi" to Lucy for me:)

M and M Girls said...

Glad you made it to Guangzhou safe and sound. Great news that Eli did so well on the plane. Enjoy that subway meal. :-) I missed that when we were there in China- in 2006 or is it new? lol ;-) Enjoy your final days in China before heading home.
Diane and the girls

Sara W. said...

Yes, isn't that Subway nice? It was such a treat for us while we were there...Cow Bridge or Subway..we took Subway :-)

Enjoy GZ.

Scott and Christine said...

It is great to see Eli is doing so well. What a brave boy he is. I cannot wait to meet him.