Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Afternoon update

Paula and Eli swinging in the park

Eli drew a picture on the napkin

We returned to the hotel and rested a bit. I then took Eli's little face and told him that I loved him. I gave him a huge hug and he hugged me back and patted my back. I am not sure it was 100 % sincere but just the fact he let me embrace him that closely is a step in the right direction. We went and ate dinner at Lucy's last night. (A little place that serves Western food.) The grilled cheese was good. Eli loves french fries. He ate them off all our plates. He proudly offers us his Lamb-on-a-stick but we all passed on that. We did accept the spring rolls he offered to share. We are definitely going to have to work on table manners when we get back. It was off to the park again and a relaxing night at the hotel.
Today (Monday) is Eli's medical exam. We are a Hague Family which means that there are immunizations he will need today. That should make for a crazy morning. We have to take 1000 RMB with us for the shots. (This is for those traveling next. It has been hard to get an answer on how much to take...)
The kids are starting to stir- I am running off to call home. Hoping for a good day all around. The kids at home have had everything from pneumonia to true influenza. 4 out of 4 are on antibiotics. Hayden is better but the other ones look rough. I am hoping they all sleep well and start to feel better.


Ron said...

I remember that park. We walked past it many times.

I loved Lucy's. It was the second best restaurant in town after Danny's Bagel.

Kirst4 said...

Hi Everyone,
Glad to hear things are going good. Trevor was looking at the pics and is excited to play legos with Eli. Everything is going ok here, Russell is holding down the fort. Wish I could talk with you... lots to tell.Miss u!

Chelley said...

Sounds like a nice afternoon!

Really pray that monday isnt TOO BAD!! HUGZ!!!

Shots are no fun at the best of times

Amy said...

I love this photo of Eli. I'm happy to here you are getting hugs. That's a big step. I hope everyone is well by the time you get home.

Jill W said...

What a huge step that hug is! That is so wonderful to hear. I am glad Paula is there to help out. That zoo looked really nice. Hopefully we can check it out when we travel. We can't wait for you to get home!