Saturday, March 21, 2009

We are home !!

Frisbee- with cousin Evan

Our last day we got up at 5:45 am. Grabbed a quick breakfast and hopped on a bus to the airport. On the way to the airport Eli threw up everywhere. I had a feeling he was not well. He was crying in his sleep the night before. We boarded the plane and I immediately began looking for an Asian stewardess. Fortunately I was able to find a wonderful stewardess that was assigned to our area. She stopped by and spoke to Eli. She explained the flight and asked him what he was doing. Eli told her that he was with his Mama and sister and that he was going to America. He told her to tell me that he wants a goldfish. (He has told everyone that has helped us with translation that he wants one.)

The flight was long (15 hours). No two ways about it. He slept 2 hours, I slept 1 hour and Madeline did not sleep at all. Unfortunately we had to take 1 more connecting flight for another 2 hours. Eli was very upset when I told him we had to fly again. The only good thing was that he slept the entire flight. He did not have any problems eating after the morning episode. I was so thankful.
I was never so happy to see Dave and the other kids !! I came home to an immaculate house, flowers and the prettiest welcome home sign.
We quickly handed out souvenirs and went to bed. Eli slept until 9 am this morning in his bed. (Not on the floor like he did in China.) Today we are just chilling out. He is going through every toy in the house.
It feels sooo good to be home.


M and M Girls said...

welcome home. I remember that feeling of coming home - oh it is the best feeling ever!!! I am sorry to hear it was a little rough with eli getting sick and no one really sleeping. Get some rest
Can't wait to see the goldfish lol ;-)

Diane and the girls

Don and Be said...
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Don and Be said...

.... a good chill for the day sounds like the right thing. Welcome home, y'all!

BTW - sorry about the deleted comment - I'm going to fire my proof reader.

Chelley said...

I am so happy to hear that you are all home and safe!!!

Hoping for some days of rest and getting to know each other!

And that HOME will feel safe for Eli!

Valeri said...

Welcome home!!!

Ron said...

Welcome home!!! I'v been thinking about you since the day you left. Glad to know Eli is fine.

Jensen cried in his sleep for almost 8 months after coming home.

Eileen said...

Welcome home! I wonder if I'll get to meet Eli this summer at Lifest, hmmm? :-)

PIPO said...

Welcome home.

Such a long journey back and now the glory of getting to grow as a family is ready to unfold before you!

Adoption & Fire said...

Welcome home! I know being home helps so much. I pray that he will continue to thrive in his new family.

Wendy @ Adoption&Fire

Truly Blessed! said...

So happy you made it home safely and without too much drama!

Enjoy your time with your entire family, you are blessed!a

Steve and Kristen said...

So glad you are home! Hopefully it will warm up and you can all enjoy some spring time together.

Amy said...

How wonderful! Welcome home!