Thursday, May 07, 2009

Quick update

Finishing by Dad
Started by Mom

Harrison is busy running, running, running....track finishes up in the next two weeks. He is doing a fine job. He ran a 12:30 2-mile this week. Madeline- nothing new with her. Hayden- is busy making a drawing book. Keaton and Eli-started soccer two weeks ago. They love it. Eli - He still continues to amaze us. He is soaking up English. Got his first hair cut. Had his appointment at Children's Hospital. Unfortunately he is going to need a few more surgeries. We will wait another two months. We had an interpreter at the appointment. She was delightful and translated a lot for us. I love to see Eli so animated and excited when he talks about our family. Mia-Faith continues to be the princess. Her speech and language IEP is coming up soon.
For those of you who loved following our blog to see the adoption of an older child. Follow my sister-in-law as she leaves tomorrow to bring home Bethany. (click on Bethany)


Shannon said...

Blog looks great, you did a really good job!

Ron said...

Nice pics! Hope everything is good.

Chelley said...

Sweet hair colour!

Chelley said...

cut cut I mean cut LOL LOL