Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mr Wiggles

We were unable to complete Keaton's MRI. Keaton was too wiggly. The first MRI Keaton had when he was diagnosed was limited (part of his spine) and without contrast- he did fine but this MRI is a lot longer (top of the spine to the bottom) and also needs to be repeated with dye. The plan is to reschedule the MRI with sedation ASAP. He was a trooper and tried so hard but it was just one of those days the more he tried to "freeze" the more antsy and anxious he got. Just a small bump in the road.

I was inspired by a fellow blogger to try our own version of The Melting Pot. The kids loved it. It was yummy !


Ron said...

There is no way I could make it through an MRI. Hang in there and give it another go.

The melting pot sounds delicious, any leftovers?

Shannon said...

Praying for your sweet little guy. My husband has to have MRIs every year and he said they are tough. Fondue is SO fun isn't it!