Sunday, June 07, 2009

Where we are at....

Time is flying....
Harrison- had his Track banquet. He received a "Coaches award" for the distance team. There were 63 kids out for track and he got 1of 3 awards given.

Madeline- nothing new. She continues to pal around with her friend Lexie.

Hayden - He is bummed that the library has started summer hours. His rationale is that when school is out kids need to go to the library more often. He thinks they should expand the hours.

Keaton-gets his brace tomorrow. He sees the neurosurgeon on Friday. I have also made contact with Shriners in Philidelphia. I spoke with a PA who was wonderful. She was very reassuring. I have learned alot about JS over the past week. This will be a challenging week. Keaton is scared. I hope things go well.

These are pictures from Keaton's appointment the day he was diagnosed. His measurements are 15/36/25. JS is all about the measurements.

Eli-he is doing great. He continues to amaze us with his transition. We can see his genuine love for us. I think that some of his initial behaviors were more superficial but now he is truly affectionate. He is a really funny kid at home. He is still very loud and a bundle of energy ! I did mail off a few picture to his Chinese foster family. We will see if they respond.

MiaFaith -Miss Mia remains the princess. We just completed her IEP for next year. She has one more year of Early Childhood. Speech will focus on articulation and maintaining conversation.

All the kids are done with school in two days . I can not wait - the idea of a break from packing backpacks, making lunches and laying out clothes sounds good. Harrison has elected to take summer school to lessen his sophmore load this fall. Both Mia and Eli have been placed in summer school due to speech and language. I had signed Keaton up for a soccer camp prior to the JS diagnosis. Fortunately it is the week right after getting his brace so he will have the "time without the brace" to participate in the camp.
I can not express how touched I am by everyones support during this time. Our family really appreciates it - we have been told by other families that we will have a new normal- I can't wait to settle into what is new.


Jackie M. said...

Wishing Keaton warm thoughout tomorrow, we will be praying for you family. If you should need anything, please call. Out thoughts and prayers are with you.

Shannon said...

Thinking of you all. So much in one year, but we know that God is the author of our stories, and He holds our hands as we walk it out. Many prayers going your way.

Sara W. said...

Thinking of you all!!

Ron said...

Nice update! Glad eveything is going great. Thanks for Jensen's bobblehead. He was excited when the head bobbled.

Sorry I haven't been around to check the blog, I had an extremely long 2 weeks thanks to the Penguins.