Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy 15th Birthday !!

15 things about Harrison -

1. He is athletic

2. He is good at video games

3. He is funny

4. Madeline likes his smile

5. Eli likes that Harrison runs fast

6. Mia likes to watch Harrison play Frisbee

7. He is smart

8. Harrison looks good in blue shirts- this is a family joke. Everything Harrison owns is blue

9. Harrison likes to be punctual

10. He is a big reason why we adopted Eli- he wanted us to "do it again" when we got Mia

11. Not in a hurry to grow up

12. Good big brother

13. It is his golden birthday

14. He is awesome per Keaton

15. He ROCKS !!


Ron said...

16. He is a Waala. Happy Birthday:)

Fifi said...

Happy Birthday Harrison!!!!
He seems to be such a blessing to his siblings! What a wonderful older brother and leader!!
He must be a very secure and mature boy!!!

I'm so glad your family is gelling well. Love to you all.