Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hello all !

Here is where we are hanging out.

Just a quick update - we are at the Visitor Center in Lancaster. It has free WiFi ! We are really roughing it - no email access is killing me.
Just an update on our visit to Shriner's Hospital. The first thing I have to say is that it is an amazing organization.
We saw a handful of speciailists. The plan for Keaton is to book him for surgery in 18 months. If his numbers have not progressed we will cancel it and just keep pushing the date out farther... if Keaton ends up with surgery it would be a combination VBS and rodding. Dr B is more optimistic about bracing and feels that Keaton has good correction and it helps that he is compliant. He would also like ot see more time pass so that Keaton is a little older if we have to go the surgical route. As for the syrinx- the plan is to monitor it, hopefully nothing will change and it is just an incidental finding. He said 1/3 kids with JS have a syrinx. Now for the crazy news. While we were at Shriners they decided to screen all the kids for JS. It went pretty quick till they got to Madeline. While I was in X-ray with Keaton the PA popped her head in and said that she was sending Madeline down to be admitted and then to xray to check her for JS. I could not believe it. Off to xray Madeline and Dave went.... well her xrays show that she has JS with a 17 degree "c" curve. They also did hand xrays to check her growth status. Based on all of this they are recommending a Providence Brace at nighttime. She took the news well. I have already called home and have her appointments scheduled. Keaton thinks it's pretty cool. They stressed a number of times it is not as severe as Keatons and will not be as difficult to manage due to the fact she is close to the end of her growth cycle. Today we are back in Denver. We are going to head over to Lancaster and see Amish country.


Jill W said...

Glad things are going well. We can't wait for you guys to get home. Thanks for the updates & pictures. Chinatown looks really cool!

Cristy said...

Glad you received the same excellent care we did by Dr. Betz and Janet (loved the pic with her btw) They really are the most wonderful people there!!

Safe travels home :)

Ron said...

Glad to know everything went well. I can't believe the news on Madeline.

Amish country is very nice, you will like it there.

Becky said...

Hey there- glad your trip is going well and you're getting good care at Shriners. One thought when I read about Madeline...our firstborn was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was two years old. When our son (second born) was 4, he was diagnosed as well. Because there are two that 'have' the same thing it turns out to be an awesome support system for the two of them. Something I can't explain but the bond between them is even closer now. Glad it's not too severe and that she took the news well. Just watching how they come along side of each other will be priceless. It's true, innocent sibling love! Be safe and travel safely. Blessings to you all!

The Montieth Family said...

Thinking of you all Shelly!!!


Don and Be said...

Although we have been out of the loop in Blogdom, we think of your family often and offer up prayers. WE've watched your journey pretty much from the start. Blessings to y'all from Central Florida.