Thursday, August 20, 2009

Today is the day- Surgery ! UPDATED

It is 6 am and everyone is sleeping. I figured I better get up and guard the kitchen. Eli can not eat (he can have a sip of apple juice when he gets up) because his surgery is at 1:30 pm. We will leave for Children's Hospital at 11:00. The surgery is scheduled for 31/2 hours ! Eli is excited but I know he doesn't have a clue how truly painful this will be. See Eli has no pain tolerance, is over dramatic with any type of aliment and pukes at the drop of a hat- so I am hoping for the best-
Prayers said and fingers crossed ! Just can't wait till it is done and he is back in his bed at home.
It is 1pm and Eli's surgery has been delayed by 1/2 hour. The doctor is running behind. Eli is watching KungFu Panda. (the English version) He keeps telling me he is very hungry and very thirsty. I bet he is !

It is 2pm Eli has just been taken into surgery. He fell asleep 20 minutes after the preop cocktail. He was pretty loopy but still managed to tell the anesthesiologist that he wanted watermelon sedation. He held my hand and clutched Madeline's stuffed puppy "Ellie" until he drifted off to sleep.
This was Eli's reaction to the the preop medication that he had to drink- He said it tasted "bad, so bad." It may have tasted bad but it did the trick !

8:30 pm Eli has been admitted. The procedure he had is generally a Home Today Surgery procedure but Eli came out of anesthesia a little rough. I knew when the Dr came out of recovery and asked were the interpreter was (which I am a little disappointed because one never showed up) that Eli must be out of sorts. We immediately went back to the recovery area and I could hear Eli yelling in Mandarin and English. It took a few of us to keep him safe until he could be given more medication. I was thankful that the Dr immediately said that he would need to stay overnight. They have a lot more medication options here than I would have at home.

We are now in his room. A few things that melt my heart -I am able to comfort him and he is constantly looking for me. When we got to his room he asked for me to call Dad and have him come "right away" and bring all the kids. He was very insistent. I keep reassuring him that it is late and he will see the kids tomorrow. Lastly- even with all the pain- he asked if he is "fixed" and "like other kids". I keep reassuring him that everything is good and he is absolutely perfect.

Friday Morning- Whew ! What a long night. Eli and I are running on steam. We probably got about 2 hours of sleep. He continues with pain and spasms. I keep reassuring him that the worst is over and everyday will get better. Being awake all night lead to some interesting conversations about China, his foster family, the orphanage and why he was left in China. I am surprised how much he says. He is wise beyond his years in some ways. Prior to me picking him up it must have been really stressed to him that if he came to America he would "get fixed." He kept saying "he tell me I get fixed America. I fixed." It was hard to see him in so much physical pain- mentally he is in a good place. I've wiped a lot of tears and I am proud to do it.

I am really hoping we can go home today. I think it would help for him to be in his own bed and at home.

We went for a walk after breakfast. That didn't go so well so we have to stick with the IV for a few more hours. I took a nap and Eli watched a marathon SpongeBob session. While we were resting the nurse came in and asked if we wanted to have a pet visitor. Eli said yes- so Birdie stopped by...Birdie is a wonderful dog - it was neat visit.

I am hoping that lunch goes well and we are able to hit the road.

Last update- We are home !! Woo-Hoo !!


Jill W said...

Praying for a successful surgery and a very speedy recovery!

cheepette8 said...

I'm praying for a speedy recovery and I hope everything went well.

Ron said...

It's a relief knowing he made it through the surgery. It's sad that he had to stay overnight, not fun at all especially for a kid.

Jill W said...

I am glad it is over for him. I hope that as I am posting, you are headed home. Tell him we said extra prayers for him :)

Oatsvall Team said...

oh sister i feel ya ... i don't like the hospital, but yet thankful for it ... glad you are home !!!

Ron said...

Great news that you and Eli are home:)

Shannon said...

Sweet boy, glad it went well and he is home! Those hospitals are not fun places to be.

The Montieth Family said...

I'm glad that surgery is over and that Eli is HOME safe and sound. That stinks that you two had to stay overnight. Emma does NOT come out of anestesia well either. When she had her 2nd tubes & adnoid surgery before China she was like Linda Blair, it was not pretty. She screamed for an hour+ and they finally just let me take her home! Eli looks so darling in all of the pictures. :) That is really special that he is able to talk to you about his time in China, what a gift. I hope that he is healing well.