Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Mia-Faith

Our princess will be 5 years old tomorrow-

Mia-Faith we all adore you !


Kayce said...

Happy Birthday Mia-Faith! May your year be filled with much joy and wonderment!!

LaLa said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

momof2beautifulangels said...

Happy, happy birthday Mia!!! Goodness 5 already?!! Hope you had a wonderful day!

Carrie said...

Happy 5th Birthday Mia Faith! She is so very adorable and I bet it feels like she has been with your family since day one.

Glad to hear Eli is doing well with school and how exciting to attend his first friend BDay party.

God's blessings are so good!

Jana said...

Happy Birthday!! Wow -- she looks so grown up :). Beautiful, beautiful girl.

Don and Be said...

Happy Birthday, Mia Faith! You don't look a day over 4 and a half!

Ron said...

Happy Birthday Mia-Faith:)

Sara W. said...

Oh Shelly...I can't believe that little Mia-Faith is 5 yrs. old already!! That's crazy....She is just a button!! ADORABLE!!

Is that frosting home-made? It looks really creamy..

Elijah update...sounds like he is settling right in. Just amazing. I'm sure he will have a blast at his friend's birthday party. How neat for him. Awesome that he is loving school..he sounds just wonderful :-)

Quinn keeps asking me when he can have a I ask him with who and he names his entire class. His birthday is coming up (Oct.25th) and every morning he asks me if it is still October and if he will still have a birthday. When I tell him that it is still October he yells "Yes!!" He asked me if he can have his own birthday cake...I said yes, whatever kind of cake you would the pick is Spiderman, changes daily. He talks about the birthday cake we sent to him in China, for his 6th bday..and he tells me "You no send cake to me, you only send money to orphanage people to buy cake." Sometimes it's like I'm talking to a 12yr.old...He knows so much, but yet so innocent..and so trusting.

Yes, getting the boys together would be fun..let's try to set something up.

Have a good weekend.

The Montieth Family said...

Hi Shelly!

Oh my, Mia is just BEAUTIFUL! I love her hair and dress. She looks very proud to be five. :)

I love the following post about Eli as well. He is such a resillant little guy...unbelieveable that he has been home not quite 7 months yet. I am glad that he likes school. :)

ALL of your 6 kiddoes are wonderful. Your house sounds FUN!