Sunday, October 25, 2009

Today I looked out the window only to see Eli and Keaton snow-boarding down our hill. We have a ton of leaves in our yard. Dave piled up the leaves and the kids had a blast playing in them. We explained to Eli how much snow we get here in Wisconsin. His eyes were so wide. If he has this much fun with leaves I can't wait until he can actually go sledding and build a fort in the snow. He tells me that in Wuhan they had "little" snow. He has never built a fort or a snowman. He says all he has ever done is walked on the snow.


Our China Starfish said...

Looks like they are having tons of fun!!!

Ron said...

Your boys are so creative, snowboarding in leaves. I love it. Great pics:) Eli can have our snow, I will gladly send it all your way.