Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's up dog....

It's been a while since we posted ~ fortunately things have been pretty quite here. We hosted the Waala Christmas in the beginning of January. It was a great time. We managed to squeeze 59 people in the house. I went away for 5 days with my Mom and sisters to the Bahamas. It was wonderful. The weather was the best. Dave managed to corral the kids, do school running and keep a clean house. Impressive.
Harrison- just finished exams. I am going to sign him up for drivers ed this week. He has been winter running- getting ready for track.
Madeline- joined Forensics.
Hayden-has a birthday coming up !
Elijah-is taking ELL placement testing. We are so pleased with his academic progress. As much as he wants to move to 2nd grade we are fine with him remaining in 1st grade. We are going to send a letter and pictures to his China Foster Family for Chinese New Year.
Keaton-loves school. He has a wonderful friend Frankie that we are so happy he has become pals with. He goes back to the neurologist soon for a check up.
MiaFaith-she has become a ham. "what's up dog" is her new line. Where does she get these goofy sayings from ? She it talking more at home. She will have an IEP in fall when she transitions to Kindergarten.

We are hoping for a better 2010. We had a lot of challenges in 2009 with bringing Elijah home, losing Grandpa Russ, Keaton diagnosis, and other challenges but we are strong in our faith and strength as a family. We are looking forward to our new normal, camping, relaxing, being with family and friends and having fun...


Sara W. said...

Great update! & Great pictures! I've been waiting...hee hee. I thought your next post was going to say "Back to China We Go!!"

PS.On the rice topic (I never thought there was so much to know about rice!) My friend said to buy Jasmine rice or Botan Rice..the one with the red rose on the bag. Quinn said he likes the Jasmine better, so that is what I buy...not sure if he's pulling my leg or not :-)

Ron said...

Great to see you are back. Great pics and thanks for the updates.

Fifi said...

Hi Shelly
it's so good to have you back at the blog! I've missed you!
Mia-Faith made me laugh ...... isn't she looking gorgeous!!!
Love to you all x

Anonymous said...

What's up Dog - It's a slangy, urban way of saying "Hi, how are you, what's happening?"