Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scoliosis Update

Today we visited Children's Hospital. Keaton's curves are holding with use of his Boston brace 20/24 day. I was relieved because I know he has grown since last visit. He will get a new brace in the next few months. Madeline's curve has progressed. She will get checked again in 3 months. If she progresses any further she will end up with a night time brace. Good thing she is almost done growing. All in all a good day.


Jill W said...

Glad to hear all went well.

Sara said...

Hey I saw you today :-)....We were sitting at Children's, I was flipping through the Milw magazine and there you were. I told the kids "Look, that's my friend Shelly." Carter said to me, "But she's in a magazine, how can you know her?" Quinn yelled right away, "that's Eli's mom."

Your checkups sound like they all went well. Always a blessing!!

Difference2This1 said...

Glad to read the checkups went well (actually I read it a while back and thought I commented, but I guess I didn't get to it!!!). So where are all the Halloween/fall activity photos...you are behind on your blog!!! Inquiring minds want to know how it's going!! :) God bless, Jennifer