Friday, March 10, 2006


Well today I felt like I can cross another item off our list. We had all the documentation notarized and sent to the insurance company to obtain my travel bond. I just heard that things look good and it will be issued as of today. So it is really official that Dave will not be traveling with me. He really would love to go but since we have not won the lottery and can not take the entire family-someone has to stay home with all the other kids. I have been blessed with a wonderful travel companion. I work with a great person who loves to travel and likes adventure. Brenda will be coming with me and helping me out. She has my passion for Chinese food, loves to shop and mentioned she has a camera that takes 600 pictures. :) We still are waiting to hear which province we will travel to and the cost to help us determine if Harrison and Madeline can come along.

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