Monday, March 13, 2006

Cross off two more days of the wait.....

Our weekend was spent with a plumber and electrician visiting us. They should be back again today. We now have a fine layer of concrete dust covering everything. Home Depot is 50.00 richer because we rented a HUGE air hammer to help Dave bust 20 feet of concrete. It is an absolute mess. I can't wait till I can clean and it stays that way. Even though it's messy and a lot of work in the end it will be great.
No new news on the adoption front. I found a little lady bug crawling on our kitchen counter this weekend. I am going to see this as a sign of good luck. I read this weekend that in the past when people have received their referrals there has been a stamp on their paperwork indicating that their "Match" was completed about 10 days prior to their referral being sent from china. So say that little lady bug is good luck- maybe our match is going to happen soon and be mailed quickly after that.........We can only hope.

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