Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Could it be?

There are a lot of rumors flying around some stating that referrals should go to 6/3/05 and some saying 6/6/05 Either way we would be next. It's hard not to get excited but I keep reminding myself that the last two times I thought we may be included and were not. I hope they go out soon.
Harrison went back to the doctor today. He still has a headache. He can not participate in contact sports or do anything that may knock him in the noggin. The worst is no trampoline! We picked up some more Legos for him to give him something to do besides watch movies and TV. He still has some memory loss....
Thanks for the concern and prayers.

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Sara Wendt said...

Oh Shelly, Poor Harrison! I hope he is recovering fast! He is in our thoughts and prayers. We passed through Waupaca Sunday night(for supper) on our way home from my parents. We're taking the kids to the Kalahari next week..but I think the little froggy water slide (about 3ft high) will be ok for Delaney and Carter :-) Take Care.