Sunday, April 30, 2006

Rain, Rain today ....

Yesterdays rummage didn't last long. We had a lot of people and a handfuls of sales. The problem was we have a little bird that built a nest with 5 baby-blue eggs. The bird flies away every time we are anywhere near the front of the house. Well having the garage door open an people constantly coming and going put the mommy bird in a tizzy. We felt terrible. She kept trying to come and sit only to have to fly away a few minutes later. Needless to say at 12:30 Dave closed the garage door. St Vincent DePaul here I come. I am going to have to make a few trips. The few bucks we made were spent by the kids on more junk....I mean stuff at other rummage sales. On my way to work yesterday I stopped at Fed-Ex and sent all of Mia-Faith's paperwork back to AWAA. It should be in VA on Monday morning. I spoke to our pediatrician who said she looks great! I can't stop looking at her beautiful face. Thanks again for all the wonderful thoughts, e-mails, calls and prayers for our entire family during this venture!


Eileen said...

She's just beautiful! We are asking for the age range Mia-Faith is in, 18-24 months. I'm excited to follow your journey to China for her! Will you update your blog or use another means? I love hearing travel stories of AWAA families! You will be so well taken care of by the guides. Will you go to Lifest this year? I think we talked last year about possibly trying to meet. I would love to meet Mia-Faith!

Mom-of-5 said...

Eileen-Yes we will us this blog. I hope that we will either be in China or just returning from China around Lifest time! I would LOVE to meet in the future. I spoke to a Dad last night who brought a 18 month old home and said it was an incredible experience. His daughter flourished after she came home. He said it was amazing.
This whole process sure is!!!

Dawn and Dale said...

Wow!! Congratulations from another mommy of 4 boys!!

Dawn (British Columbia Canada)
DTC for Annaliese March 27/06
LID ????

Dawn and Dale said...

What a ditz I am!! lol

After spending some time looking through your blog, I noticed you have a daughter too! Not 4 boys like me! lol

What a beautiful family!! Congrats on your newest member!!