Tuesday, May 09, 2006


We wanted point out a few "read threads" run through our referral of Mia-Faith. When Dave and I talked about what a blessing this is we noticed a few things. First, for those of you who do not remember how or why our journey began it was inspired by a dream. I had this dream the end of November 2004 and Mia was found November 28th of 2004. In my dream Dave and I were being handed a beautiful Asian girl. The girl was a toddler as is our Mia-Faith.
Today I recalled an e-mail that was sent to us from a woman who was at the orphanage and saw Mia-Faith. The woman wrote that it appeared Mia had a rash on her face. I wrote back that we have 4 kids that have eczema and have knowledge of caring for skin conditions. Prescription medications, dye-free detergents and bathing routines are nothing new to this family.
China may have matched us with Mia-faith but we believe that there was guidance from above.

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