Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Miss Mia-Faith Xin He

We paid to have our agency translate one of the papers that we received with Mia's referral. It was wonderful to have a few answers. I know there is debate about sharing personal issues but the overall series of events is pretty basic. If she had a personal letter left with her we would probably not share that information.
Reading all this really makes me want to go and bring her home. She sounds absolutely perfect. This is a picture from the orphanage that Mia is in. I think she is in the back row. These pictures were taken this year.
I want to bring them all home.

Growth Report for Dang Xin He
Dang Xin He, female, was picked up on November 28th of 2004 in front of Zhangzhou City Social Welfare Institute through peoples reporting. There was nothing with her. Zhangzhou City Public Security Bureau Patrol Branch searched in many ways but couldn't find her birth parents. They determined her as a foundling and sent her to our institute on the same day. We fed her manually. Doctor of our institute gave her a checkup. Her height was 50 cm and her weight was 3.7 kg. According to her development condition we determined her birthday to be September 28th of 2004. Since nothing shows her identity, we named her Dang Xin He. Dang is from the Book of China' Family Names. Xin means everything is new. He means we wish her whole family to be happy and to live a satisfactory life.

Dang Xin He has stayed in our institute for 15 months. Nannies feed her in a group. She eats porridge in her 3 meals a day. She eats half bowl each time. She eats 3 snacks a day. She eats Weiquan dry milk plus Duoweidannai rice cereal, 200 ml each time. She also eats fruit and biscuits. She is not picky. We cook soup 1-2 times in a week and give her one tablet of “Gaierqi” each day to give her more nutrition and to improve her constitution. Now the baby has a good appetite. She sleeps soundly. She has bowel movements once a day. She urinates 4-5 times a day. According to Fujian Province Children's Immunization Organization Procedure she received oral-Polio from January 25th of 2005 to March 25th of 2005. She received DTaP from February 15th of 2005 to April 15th of 2005. She received measles and Hib on August 23rd of 2005. She received Hepatitis B from March 11th of 2005 to September 11th of 2005. She received on vaccine for epidemic meningitis from July 20th of 2005 to October 20th of 2005.

Now Dang Xin He can walk independently. She can go upstairs holding onto the wall. She can turn pages. She can imitate others in pronunciation. She cooperates when you dress her. She can take off clothes. She can control her bowel movements and urination during the day. She is a quiet child. She has a ready smile. She gets along with others.

Xin He had a checkup in February of 2006. Her height was 73 cm, her weight was 9 kg, her chest circumference was 46 cm (without clothes), her head circumference was 46 cm, her foot length was 12 cm (without socks), and she had 8 teeth.

Sent by:
Zhangzhou City Social Welfare Institute
February 22, 2006

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jaclyn marble said...

She sounds wonderful. The report seems as though she is in good health. I am very happy for you. Please keep us informed!