Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fingerprints needed!!

Today I received a call from the USCIS asking about our re-printing appointment??

I must back-track and tell this story. I sent my money and a request months ago. After we received our referral I asked our HS agency about it. Adoption Services checked and said that Wi. will re-print you about 1 month before an established travel date. I printed AWAA's e-mail and sent it to the USCIS. Well... one day while I am in the bathroom at the clinic with Keaton and my cell phone rang. I explained my situation to the gentleman that called and he said he would try and get me in. He asked my what dates would be good and I said the 24 or 25th. SUDDENLY Keaton flushed the toilet. Well that guy couldn't get off the phone quick enough.
I waited and did not get anything in the mail so I did not go on the 24th or 25th.
Today I get a call asking where I was?? OH NO!!
I did not hear that I could just show up......
Dave and I are going to hustle down there tomorrow. I pray that we can find it. (There is terrible construction.) We get in and get our prints done quickly.
I hope they get processed ASAP!

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