Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Glorious News!

Well a lot has happened since Thursday. Friday Dave, Keaton and I hustled down to the USCIS office and Dave and I got fingerprinted. The office was absolutely packed. Fortunately the line moved pretty quickly. I pray our prints are processed quickly and everything is updated without a hitch.
Dave finished the bathroom tile Sunday night at midnight, and we had carpet installers out Monday morning. As soon as the carpet installers walked out the door I started vacuuming and moving things. Today I got Madeline's bed moved and brought Mia's bed up. The girls officially have our old room!! It is so exciting to see where Mia will lay her little head when we come back from China.

Speaking of Mia-Faith....our consulate appointment has been set. We got our official e-mail from AWAA.

We are happy to announce that we have received Consulate appointments for Monday ,July 10th at 9:30 am, thus we are now able to confirm concrete travel dates.
Your travel group will depart for China on Thursday June 29th and will then return to the US on Wednesday July 12th.

Today I worked with AWAA to book our round trip flights. I did purchase a seat for Mia for the trip home. It seems like such a long series of flights to sit and hold a 20 month old. Rates are very expensive. I did try to shop around - the more I sat on the computer the higher the rates kept going. UGH. (At this point I would probably pay a million dollars to get her home.)

Harrison saw the pediatric neurologist today. The doctor feels that Harrison looks good. We will have to wait and see if Harrison has problems with headaches in the future- but for right now his exam is negative.

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Jenn said...

Great news!!! I hope that the time flys by for you and that everything on your to do list will be magically completed! It might be too late for this and you may already be aware of it, but have you tried Northwest Airlines "Special Delivery" fares for international adoption? It looks like a great program-we'll give it a shot when it's our turn! The website is www.nwa.com/features/adopt.shtml
Good luck!!!