Friday, June 23, 2006

Last Days....

Hayden day is rescheduled for Monday. He didn't feel good today. Just a queasy belly.
I started thinking to day about Last Days......This is the last Friday I will be home as the mother of 4 kids. This is the last time I will hit Walmart as the mother of 4, This is the last time I will fill up the car with gas.......I did this same type of thinking every time I was pregnant. Just knowing how much a child changes things makes me think of how things currently are.
Fortunately I am working this weekend. It will help time pass and keep me focused on something besides thinking about how much I am going to miss Dave and the kids, AND help me deal with the incredible excitement feel when I think of going to get Mia-Faith.

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Anne & Scott said...

Hello, Waalas and fellow Wisconsinites - thanks for posting on our blog!I saw our cheeseinchina link on your favorites list - that's great!

It looks like you're traveling very soon for your daughter - how exciting. We'll be sending good thoughts your way!