Monday, July 10, 2006

Camera issues !

While we were in Beijing my camera went on the fritz. It no longer charges. Well today Brenda's camera died. This has resulted in us buying disposable camera's. Sorry I will not be able to post any more pictures of Mia-Faith. Tomorrow we are going to have group pictures taken. I bought a pretty Chinese red dress for Mia to wear. We are also heading tomorrow afternoon to take the adoption oath. All went well with our paperwork today. I never got a call. Mia survived another day of shopping. Only one full day left (Tuesday) and then it is off to fly home. I can not wait to get back and watch Mia soak up all the activity in the Waala household.


Kirst Family said...

Hey Shelly,
We all miss you and wish you home with that beautiful little girl. Everything is going great here and doing alot of packing for the move.I can't wait to see you both and wish you a safe and less stressful trip home.

Donna said...

Mia is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your amazing adventure with us!