Sunday, July 09, 2006

Passing Time in Guangzhou

Just returned from a quick cab ride to the Shamian Island - an entire area next to the White Swan Hotel that caters to the "Western" tourists (ie Americans). Boy was it fun!!! Anything and everything you could wish to purchase is located here. It was relatively quite so Shelly and I received the royal treatment! (Remember the movie "Pretty Woman" where Julie goes into the shop and 4 or 5 attendants are all over her? That was us this afternoon! It was pretty cute - they spoil you rotten. Lots of discounts, free soda's, the last store even went out of the shop with us and hailed us a taxi! :-) Prices are really excellent also and they were more than willing to bargin. For you CMH folks, I'll recommend at the next Employee Activities Committee meeting that instead of the yearly trip in the fall to Mall of America or Galena, that we come to China-the shopping is fabulous :-)

As Shelly updated all of you on this mornings adventures, will skip the chatter and get to the good stuff-more pictures!!!!!! :-)

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Jenn said...

Thanks for sharing your journey with us. She is just precious! Wishing you a safe journey home and lots of happy family bonding time when you get there!