Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Picture update !!

We got Brenda's pictures loaded so we decided to send a few. Just so everyone know we are not able to read all the wonderful comments sent. Dave read them to me today when I called home. Thanks to all.
Mia has now decided she hates the hotel room. Every time we walk through the door she starts crying. I have to hand feed her but I am thrilled she is eating. She looks for me when other people talk to her, but has not cracked a smile yet. We spent a lot of time pacing the lobby and halls. This hotel has an area for bowling and ping pong so we watched other families have fun.
We found out that it wasn't 100 degrees today it was 110!
I visited the business center today to fax some forms to the state of Wisconsin for the adoption. I still have a pile of papers for the upcoming week. Our laundry was picked up tonight and will be delivered tomorrow. Thank goodness for everyone is running out of clothes. Fortunately Brenda and I have bonus clothes because of the lost luggage situation.
There was also a wedding party here at the hotel. The bride and groom stood in the lobby for hours greeting guests. It was interesting to watch.

P.S. Gumby travels with Brenda-he is a world traveler.

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