Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Glorious Day !!

It's been quite a day already. It is Wednesday at 1pm. We got up early this morning and headed off to Min Jiang Park. It was beautiful. There were incredible pieces of art all through out the park. I can not believe how hot it is here. It was close to 100 degrees by 9:30 am. Then it was off to a mall for shopping. The absolute best thing that happened at the mall was that Mia figured out how to use a sippy cup !!
I think she was so blasted hot it was a survival mechanism. She let me help her tip her head up and once she got it -she got it. What a relief. She is taking a nap right now. It amazes me how well she sleeps and how she puts herself to sleep. This is currently not the norm at our house. All of the kids play musical beds and don't go down as willing. You can tell she had to help with dressing or do things for herself at the orphanage.


Poch family said...

Enjoy your journey with you new daughter. May God be with you both.

Pat Poch

Brenda (the other one) said...

I've really enjoyed reading about your journey! I can't wait until you guys get back. Mia is a beautiful baby and lucky to have you!